1X refill 18.9l Keringet Still Water Refill & 4 pack 1.25L PET Sparkling soda

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Here's what you get:
  • Keringet Still Water 1 x 18.9L Refill and
  • 4 pack 1.25L PET Sparkling soda
Special Price KES 913.50 Regular Price KES 1,015.00
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NoteStay refreshed with the perfect pairing of Keringet Still Water Refill and 4 pack 1.25L PET Sparkling soda. This thoughtfully curated bundle not only ensures you have the ideal beverages, but also offers you substantial cost savings.

Products included in this Bundle:

Keringet Still Water 1 x 18.9L (1 Refill):
-Quench your thirst with pure, crisp, and natural still water.
-18.9 liters of hydration to keep you energized throughout the day.
-The ultimate source of purity and freshness.

4 pack 1.25L PET Sparkling soda:
-Ignite your taste buds with the vivacious fizz of our premium Sparkling Soda – your go-to refreshment, now in eco-friendly PET bottles.
-Experience a burst of sparkling pleasure, guaranteed to uplift your spirit and tantalize your palate with every bubbly sip.
-Our Sparkling Soda comes in a rainbow of flavors, each bottle popping with personality and pizzazz.